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DFS and CACAsian Film Festival
    The Second Aurora Asian film Festival will be held from June 3rd through June 6th. The opening night and showing of the movies will be at the Cinema Grill(303-344-FILM) - 13682 E. Alameda Ave. (at Potomac St. in Aurora). The closing night will be held on June 6th at the Aurora Fox Arts Center - 9900 E. Colfax Ave. The evening will have a closing night documentary, "Portrait of an Enchantress", with guest appearance and performance by feature artist Zhongmei Li.

Ticket Prices
$5.00 members of DPS
$7.00 general admission
$20.00 Opening Night Film and reception
$10.00 Closing Night Film, performance and reception
$50.00 Festival Pass - includes one admission to all Festival films/receptions.

For showtimes amd synopsis.

June 3, 1999 An Affair 7:00 pm Korea - 98 min.
June 3, 1999 Regret to Inform 7:30 pm Vietnam/U.S. - 72 min.
June 4, 1999 Bird People of China 6:00 pm Japan/China - 118min.
June 4, 1999 Homesick Eyes 6:30 pm Taiwan - 85 min.
June 4, 1999 O-Negative 9:00 pm Thailand - 110 min.
June 4, 1999 The Contact 9:30 pm Korea - 112 min.
June 5, 1999 The Making of a Mahatma 1:00 pm India - 151 min.
June 5, 1999 Rabbit in the Moon 1:30 pm Japan/U.S. - 87 min.
June 5, 1999 The Living Museum 4:00 pm U.S. - 80 min.
June 5, 1999 April Story 4:30 pm Japan - 67min.
June 5, 1999 The Hole 6:30 pm Taiwan - 95 min.
June 5, 1999 Jose Rizal 7:00 pm Philippines - 178 min.
June 5, 1999 Beautiful New World 9:00 pm China - 97 min.
June 6, 1999 Portrait of An Enchantress 6:30 pm U.S. - 82 min.

Movie Synopsis

An Affair
Director: E J-Yong Producer: Oh Jung-Wan
Cast: Lee Mi-Sook, Lee Jung-Jae
Korea/ 1998/ 98 min./ color

In his highly accomplished first feature-length film, Korean director E J-Yong focuses on the emotionally charged issue of sexual misconduct and the shifting dynamics of the relationships between those involved. The beautiful Seo-HyAn Affairun, while house-sitting for Ji-Hyun, her sister who is away visiting America, reluctantly becomes entangled in a love affair with Ji-Hyun’s fiancee, Woo-In. Feeling closed in by married life, Seo-Hyun is attracted to Woo-In’s liberal attitude toward life. Although they are in love, the conventions of social morality prevent them from being together. When Ji-Hyun returns and Seo-Hyun’s husband goes away on a business trip, Seo-Hyun finds it even more difficult to resolve the conflicts created by the affair. North American Premiere.

In Person: E J-Yong
Sponsored by: Korean Chamber of Commerce of Colorado, Korean Air
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Regret to Inform
Director: Barbara Sonneborn
Producers: Barbara Sonneborn, Janet Cole
U.S.A./ 1998/ 72 min./ color, b&w

Nominated for an Academy Award, this groundbreaking film looks at the devastating effects of the Vietnam war through the eyes of war widows, both American and Vietnamese. First-time director Barbara Sonneborn intervieweRegret to Informd more than 200 women altogether—including 25 in person in Vietnam, where she traveled with translator Xuan Ngoc Evans, a South Vietnamese widow—to get both sides of the horrors of the war, and it’s lasting effects on those left behind. What began as a letter from Sonneborn to her late husband ten years ago has evolved into a powerful, public statement on the personal toll of war.

In Person: Barbara Sonneborn and Xuan Ngoc Evans
Sponsored by: Citywide Banks, Aurora Sister Cities
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Bird People of China
Director: Takashi Miike
Producers: Toshiaki Nakazawa, Sedic International
Cast: Masahiro Motoki, Renji Ishibashi, Mako
Japan/ 1998/ 118 min./ color

The Bird People In China is a funny, quirky, action-adventure revision of the legend of Shangri-La, the lost valley of paradise. Two businessmen (a young executive and an older yakuza) and their guide travel to the outer reaches of The Bird People In ChinaChina in search of a rare strain of jade. Together, the three embark on a remarkable journey backward in time to a place untouched by all things modern. Here people believe their ancestors could fly and that they, too, possess this ability. The party soon finds the jade they came for—and much more. As they retreat from civilization, they enter a mythical realm that makes them question both the meaning of life and their reasons for being there.
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Homesick Eyes
    Director: Hsu Hsiao-ming
Producer: Peggy Chiao
Taiwan/ 1997/ 85 min./ color

Since Taiwan opened its labor market to foreign workers in 1993, thousands of laborers from Southeast Asia have flooded the country in search of higher wages. Most commonly employed as domestic servants, construction workers,Homesick Eyes and factory hands, they live apart from the rest of Taiwanese society in their own "special districts." In this poignant documentary, director Hsu Hsiao-ming chronicles the lifestyle and mental states of some of these immigrants, Asia’s new nomadic tribe. Their touching narratives reveal a people who desperately want to improve the lives of their loved ones, but because of oppressive working conditions and long separations, risk losing them.

In Person: Peggy Chiao
Sponsored by: Chinese Culture Center of Colorado
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Director: Euthana Mukdasanit
Producer: Euthana Mukdasanit, Grammy Film Co., Ltd.
Cast: Amita (Tata) Young, Ray MacDonald, Shawekrit Yamnam
Thailand/ 1998/ 110 min./ color

In this charming coming-of-age story, five art university students—Chompoo, Prim, Art, Foon, and Puen—are forced to come to terms with the true meaning of friendship. The film follows the lives and loves of the five friends—who call O-Negativethemselves the O-group, for their common blood type—as they graduate from the university and become entangled in the realities of life after college. Years pass, and the O-group’s bond of friendship disintegrates. But, when Foon receives a botched abortion, accompanied by serious medical problems, a local radio station broadcasts her plight, and a citywide search for donors with the rare, O-negative blood type is on.

Sponsored by: Thai Association of Colorado
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The Contact
Director: Jang Yun-hyeon
Producers: Lee Eun, Shim Bo-kyeong
Cast: Han Seok-kyu, Jeon Do-yeon, Park Yong-su, Chu Sang-mi, Kim Tae-u, Kang Min-a
South Korea/ 1998/ 112 min./ color

In this engaging 90’s romance, a lonely radio producer in Seoul, Dong-hyun, who is still in self-denial after his girlfriend dumped him six years ago, hooks up via a computer chat room with a telephone sales clerk, Su-hyun. Their The Contactcyberspace friendship is touchingly juxtaposed against their everyday lives, where Su-hyun carries a torch for her roommate’s boyfriend—which is ruined after she reveals her true feelings—and Dong-hyun, whose magic program is under threat of cancellation, is pursued by a predatory colleague. The two unknowingly cross paths several times during the film, until the climactic moment when they finally meet face-to-face.

Sponsored by: Korean Association of Colorado, Korean Air
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The Making of a Mahatma
Director: Shyam Benegal
Producer: Anant Singh
Cast: Rajit Kapur, Pallavi Joshi
India/ South Africa/ 1995/ 151 min./ color

Indian filmmaker Shyam Benegals version of the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is an exciting and soul-searching depiction of the transformation of Gandhi, the man to Gandhi, the mahatma, or great soul. Benegal portrays The Making of A MahatmaGandhi as an ordinary person living and adjusting to the circumstances of his time, who then becomes an extraordinary leader whose response to racial injustice with non-violence changed an empire. This version of Ghandis life—his relentless search for truth strained his relationship with his wife and son—makes Gandhi seem more human, and thus, his life, as well as the vision of his work, become even more accessible and relevant today.
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Rabbit In the Moon
Director: Emiko Omori
Producers: Emiko Omori, Chizuko Omori
U.S.A./ 1999/ 87 min./ color

In this emotionally compelling documentary about the World War II internment of Japanese-Americans, director/cinematographer Emiko Omori offers an alternative perspective to the traditional image of camp survivors as passive victims or model citizens. Instead, after decades of silence, former interneesRabbit In The Moon finally speak openly about their acts of protest, and reflect on the psychological toll the camps took on both them and their community. The film was inspired by Omori’s struggle against her own family’s silence about the internment. She interviews former internees, including her sister, who portray themselves as active inmates who questioned the system. Omori, who also shot the Academy Award-nominated documentary, Regret to Inform, offers a rare window into the dark days of camp experience.

Sponsored by: Japan America Society of Colorado
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The Living Museum
Director: Jessica Yu
Producer: Dawn Parouse
U.S.A./ 1998/ 80 min./ color

Oscar-winning director Jessica Yu (Breathing Lessons) looks beyond the despairing stereotypes of mental institutions to their hidden potential in this extraordinary portrait of an oftentimes forgotten portion of society. At the The Living MuseumCreedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens, New York, patients, both residents and outpatients, are encouraged to create art as a way to express themselves. We meet Issa, a young articulate, court-appointed woman who uses painting as a release, and David, a melancholy schizophrenic whose abstract pencil drawings are inspired by Beethoven's music, and Helen, an educated woman with severe depression who always dreamed of becoming an artist and is about to show her work in a gallery in SoHo. This inspiring documentary celebrates the hidden artist in all of us.
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April Story
Director/Producer: Shunji Iwai
Cast: Takako Matsu, Seiichi Tanabe, Kaori Fujii
Japan/ 1998/ 67 min./ color

In this contemporary urban fairy tale, Japanese director Shunji Iwai beautifully illuminates the new experiences of a shy young woman, Uzuki, who moves from Japan's far north to Tokyo to enroll in Musashino University. She settles into aApril Story lonely apartment, feels uneasy introducing herself to other students, and is befriended by a straight-talking, edgy student. Although the film revolves around the reason why Uzuki chose Musashino University in the first place, her secret isn't revealed until the end of the film, and only after her past life has been sketched in. A warm portrait of mood and feelings, Variety calls April Story "the cinematic equivalent of a haiku poem."

Sponsored by: Japan America Society of Colorado
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The Hole
Director: Tsai Ming-liang
Producers: Peggy Chiao, Caroline Benjo, Carole Scotta
Cast: Yang Kuei-mei, Lee Kang-sheng, Miao Tien, Tong Hsiang-chu
Taiwan/ France/ 1998/ 95 min./ color

In this surreal love story for the millennium, a grocer and an office worker meet, while the city collapses around them. As drinking water is contaminated and the inhabitants flee in terror from the quarantined sections of Taipei, only those whoThe Hole seemingly have nowhere to go remain. The couple live over each other in a disintegrating apartment house, where a plumber makes and abandons a hole in the floor between the apartments. The two make contact, first curious, then hostile—and then something not easily definable happens between them.

In Person: Peggy Chiao
Sponsored by: Chinese Culture Center of Colorado
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Jose Rizal
Director: Marilou Diaz-Abaya
Producers: Jimmy Duavit, Butch Jimenez, Marilou Diaz-Abaya Cast: Cesar Montano, Joel Torre
Philippines/ 1998 178 min./ color

Director Marilou Diaz-Abaya (In the Navel of the Sea) returns to the Aurora Asian Film Festival with this powerful portrait of Jose Rizal, a Filipino revolutionary who was a champion of his country’s independence and an instigator of the Jose RizalPhilippine revolution of 1896-98. Rizal was executed by a Spanish firing squad at the age of 35, after having been sentenced for inciting the population to rebel. His extraordinary story is told in a series of flashbacks, as he waits for his execution and looks back on his life, his friends and his enemies.

Sponsored by: Filipino-American Community of Colorado
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A Beautiful New World
Director: Shi Runjiu
Producer: Peter Loehr
Cast: Jiang Wu, Tao Hong, Chen Ning, Ren Xianqi, Wu Pai, Tong Zhengwei China/ 1998/ 97 min./ color

This delightful romantic comedy centers on a country bumpkin, Baogen, who arrives in Shanghai to claim his lottery prize, a plush, two-bedroom apartment, only to find that his win appears to be a scam. Because his friends and family A Beautiful New Worldare eagerly awaiting a stake in his claim, Baogen is unable to return home and, instead, ends up staying with a distant relative, Jinfang, a young, sharp-tongued woman his own age. The two inevitably fall in love, but not before Baogen finds temporary employment as a security guard and then loses a bundle on one of Jinfang’s stock market tips. Finally, he stumbles across an idea that could prove to be his salvation.
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Portrait of an Enchantress
Director: Gary Keys
Producer: Gary Keys, Cesare Costanzo

U.S.A./ 1998/ 82 min./ color

The New York-based Zhongmei Dance Company brings the drama of Chinese dance to the screen in this stunning documentary that focuses on the troupe's founder, director and star, Zhongmei Li. The company features Asian, AmericanPortrait of An Enchantress and European artists—as well as a graduate of the National Taiwan Academy of Arts—in an effort to mix Eastern and Western traditions with modern dance. Accompanied by the music of the great jazzman Wynton Marsalis, the Chinese-born Li blends Chinese traditional movement forms with American contemporary dance. The result is an eclectic, unique, world-class performing dance company which The New York Times describes as "striking for it's virtuosity."

In Person: Zhongmei Li, who will perform after the film, and Gary Keys Sponsored by: Yueh Li "Lily" Shen, President, Chinese American Council of Colorado; Original Aurora Renewal
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