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We strive to be the premier Asian resource provider for Denver and the surrounding area. We are different from other Internet websites because we cover the local scene and present relevant community information to keep you, the reader, informed on Asian-related activities. This information is useful because it comes to you straight from the Denver Asian community itself.

Our Team
The people who make up AsiaXpress.com come a variety of backgrounds. The ethnic background of the group reflects the Asian ethnic diversity found in Denver. We also have members that are not of Asian descent as our team strives to keep a balanced view for the website, making it useful to the Asian American, as well as the general communities.

Our Content
The information we provide comes from the various community groups, associations and the Asian Chamber of Commerce. We try to present information that is important to the residents of the Denver area community but most of our articles are globally useful as well.

Content Providers
We have an extensive network of personal as well as professional contacts from many of the Asian communities in the Denver area. It is our hope that our content will be driven by contributions from the community. Our main focus will be to disseminate the information in a concise and useful manner. Our goal is to have you, the viewers, take an active part in the site by helping us present useful information for the community benefits

AsiaXpress.com was named one of "Colorado's top 100 web sites" by the Rocky Mountain News.

Editor in Chief
Joe Nguyen


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