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A screenshot from the late director Satoshi Kon's "Paprika." In memory of his passing, the movie will be shown at 9 a.m. on Sept. 11. Nan Desu Kan takes place Sept. 10 to 12 at the Marriott DTC.


Nan Desu Kan brings Japanese pop culture to the DTC

Annual convention celebrates Japanese animation, video games and pop culture


DENVER – It’s an invasion of Japanese pop culture, elaborate costumes and colorful spikey hair. The 14th annual Nan Desu Kan convention takes place Sept. 10 to 12 at the Marriott DTC.


New this year is the rock concert on Saturday featuring New Jersey-based echostream and Japanese rockers Kazha. There will also be an atrium-decoration contest. Inspired by what StarFest did with their contest, NDK Press Relations Manager Jinnie McManus said, NDK organizers are encouraging those staying at the Marriott to decorate their balconies. The winner of the contest will receive free lodging for the convention.


There will also be an auction with proceeds going to the United Way Gulf Recovery Fund, which provides emergency assistance to those affected by the oil spill and hurricanes in the Gulf Coast. Other convention highlights include the Battle of the Rock Bands, the costume contest and a bevy of panels.



Anthony Le, of Thornton, Colo., poses in his custom-made Iron Man suit in this undated photo. (Photo courtesy of Anthony Le)


Advice for cosplayers

Anthony Le, of Thornton, has made a number of elaborate costumes over the years. Here are some of his tips for you to create your own:


Accuracy and originality

When people start building cosplays, I say consider originality and accuracy when possible. Accuracy and adding some originality to it makes it your own. Attention to detail is very important for any cosplay to stand out.


Details, details, details

My advice to fellow cosplayers when making cosplays accurate would be to take your time and study the cosplay and try to see all the small details. Even the smallest details make the cosplay pop.



Most of the resources I use is from www.google.com. I always freehand (draw) all my cosplays and just look at reference pictures. So if it’s your first time cosplaying, take your time and it will surely be the best.



How to survive Nan Desu Kan
Eat real food
One cannot survive on Pocky sticks alone.

Drink lots of water

Don’t get dehydrated. Use the water stations.


Come early, carpool
Parking spaces are scarce. Carpool or get dropped off.