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A screenshot of Timothy DeLaGhetto in his YouTube video "First Asian Boy."


Asian YouTube Heroes

With the rise of YouTube, many of Asian descent are finding fame with their videos online


With mass amounts of viewers every day, YouTube has caught people by storm. From up-and-coming musicians to comedians, there have been many who have made it famous on YouTube. There have been many Asians who have made their rise to fame on YouTube; here is just a choice few that any YouTube lover can enjoy.


YouTube heroes unite

Like superheroes coming together to take on a challenge, many YouTube stars have teamed up to create beautiful music together. Here are some of our favorites.


David Choi/Kina Grannis - My Time With You (above)

In the Studio with David Choi - Video Blog 21 - Wong Fu Productions

KevJumba and HappySlip in "Put it in Purse"

TheWineKone (www.youtube.com/thewinekone)

Sparked by random moments in his mind, Tony Huygen portrays these thoughts on his YouTube channel, TheWineKone. The Wine Kone is among Canada's most popular YouTubers, ranking No. 1 as the most subscribed Canadian director all time and No. 2 as the most subscribed all time from Canada. Some of his videos include random one-minute short films to nine-minute ramblings about anything he finds interesting in his life. TheWineKone’s videos are perfect for those looking for short, funny videos.

Videos to watch: "Viral Video Failure" and "Super Tonio Bros Fail 1 and 2"


HappySlip (www.youtube.com/happyslip)

Growing up in a Filipino family in America was anything but normal for YouTube director and comedian Christine Gambito. On her channel, Gambito creates comedy with a multitude of characters out of her experiences growing up. Many Filipinos can relate to her family experiences that she has with her family. HappySlip is the 15th most subscribed channel of all time and the sixth most subscribed director.


Videos to watch: "Low Pat" and "Tanks."


KevJumba (www.youtube.com/kevjumba)

From stereotypes to school to challenging Jessica Alba to a staring contest, Kevin Wu explains that there are many different things he has to face as an Asian-American teenager on his YouTube channel KevJumba. Wu adds a bit of comedy to his videos to make his stories more entertaining. He is YouTube’s sixth most subscribed user and fourth most subscribed comedian. KevJumba’s YouTube channel is perfect for those seeking to watch a video that portray thoughts from a teenager’s point of view.


Videos to watch: "I Have to Deal with Stereotypes" and "The Next Big Music Artist."


TimothyDeLaGhetto2 (www.youtube.com/TimothyDeLaGhetto2)

Known as TraPhik on MySpace, Timothy DeLaGhetto’s YouTube channel has become extremely popular, especially from his parody of Estelle's "American Boy" titled, "First Asian Boy." Timothy DeLaGhetto uses his improvising skills in his clips, from really random moments riding on a children’s tricycle to expressing his anger about having to censor his videos. He is No. 36 on the most subscribed comedians list. DeLaGhetto is the channel that you should tune in on if you are looking for uncensored comedy on YouTube.


Videos to watch: "Cruising the Beach!!!" and "The Wrong Bathroom."


NigaHiga (www.youtube.com/nigahiga)

Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi are the masterminds behind the YouTube channel NigaHiga. These two comedians from Hawaii captured YouTubers by a storm with their video, "How to Be Ninja." All of their videos are comedies ranging from their own interpretations of different movies to different rants about various topics. They are the second-most subscribed channel on YouTube. With every video on their channel having over 700,000 views, there is bound to be a video – or several – that will make you laugh.


Videos to watch: "How to Be Ninja" and "Word of the Day – Pwned."


davidchoimusic (www.youtube.com/davidchoimusic)

David Choi is an acoustic artist on the rise on YouTube. Driven by powerful lyrics and a quirky sense of humor, Choi has given YouTube viewers many reasons to watch his channel. His soulful voice surrounds his videos, from sweet original compositions to hilarious, silly tunes such as "YouTube A Love Song." Along with being a talented songwriter, Choi has done many covers such as John Lennon's "Imagine" and "I’m Yours" by Jason Miraz. Choi is the 88th most subscribed user and No. 22 on the most subscribed musicians on YouTube. Oh, and he has more 150 different videos.


Videos to watch: "Windmill" and "Britney Spears – Womanizer."


WongFuProductions (www.youtube.com/wongfuproductions)

Wesley Chan, Ted Fu and Philip Wang started Wong Fu Productions when they went to school at UC San Diego. Since then, they have created a wide range of comedies such as "Yellow Fever" and music videos for rising Asian-American musicians. The group has even expanded to an independent film company. Currently they are No. 98 among the most subscribed directors on YouTube. With videos ranging from comedy to drama there is a video for everyone on Wong Fu Productions.


Videos to watch: "Dance Like Michael Jackson" and "Wong Fu Secret Agents."


lilcdawg (www.youtube.com/lilcdawg)

Catchy lyrics and upbeat rhythms encompass Lilcdawg’s YouTube Channel. Cathy Nguyen showcases a mix of many different covers and her own original songs on YouTube. The sounds of her magnetic voice can be heard from her covers of Alicia Keys' "No One" and Nat King Cole's "When I Fall In Love." Nguyen’s YouTube channel is perfect for those looking for good acoustic music.


Videos to Watch: “My Everything” and “Goodbye.”


gunnarolla (www.youtube.com/gunnarolla)

Gunnarolla has become an up-and-coming director on YouTube, creating three different series for YouTubers to follow. One of his most popular series is "To My Internet Lover." More recently he has started creating music videos. Gunnarolla was No. 97 for most subscribed directors in Canada and No. 67 most viewed partners in Canada. Gunnarolla’s channel is great for those who are looking for a melodramatic comedy on YouTube.


Videos to Watch: "To My Internet Lover" and "To My Internet Lover: Love Lockdown."


kinagrannis (www.youtube.com/kinagrannis)

With more than 40 original songs, Kina Grannis has captured the attention of YouTube viewers with her music. She has also done many different acoustic covers such as Rihanna's "Disturbia" and "Yesterday" by the Beatles. Unlike most artists, Grannis has posted tutorials of how to play some of her original songs so that viewers can play her songs at home. She is the 43rd most subscribed musician on YouTube. With ear-catching melodies and a large variety of acoustic songs, her YouTube channel is a must for music enthusiasts.


Videos to Watch: "Who is Kina Grannis" and "Message From Your Heart."

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