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Sound Bite: Peelander-Z – 'P-Pop-High School'

Japanese action comic punk band rocks hard with their fifth full-length album



P-Pop-High School

(Eat Rice, 2009)

Release date: April 14, 2009

Official website: www.peelander-z.com

Three out of four stars

If a mad scientist genetically spliced together The Ramones and the Power Rangers, and then that creation was raised by a pack of hyenas, the result would be Peelander-Z.


The colorfully clad, self-described “Japanese action comic punk band” from New York developed a cult following with their high-energy, heavy audience-participated concerts. From jump-roping with their fans to wrecklessly throwing around their bodies in human bowling, the band is a marvel to behold live.


Oh, and their music’s not bad either.


In P-Pop-High School, Peelander-Z fills their fifth full-length album with a bevy of simple, catchy lyrics laid over energetic, head-nodding melodies.


Just as in their previous efforts, Peelander-Z’s lyrics are all short broken English phrases. But placed over sweet-sounding electric tunes, one can’t help but sing along. “Let’s Go! Karaoke Party!” features upbeat guitar riffs with fun lyrics about singing, dancing and drinking.


The band slows things down with their six-minute ballad, “Gimme Smile.” Echoing muted plucks accompany electric strums as Peelander Yellow’s rough vocals come in with whimsical lines: Thank you for coming to see my show // Don’t forget to bring your mom down next time. Heavy electric riffs enter with the chorus, followed by acoustic strums adding to the richness of the song.


But the best part is the humor the band inserts into its lyrics. In “So Many Mike,” the band ponders why they know so many Mikes. In “Super Health,” they makes a play on words with repeated chants of “what the health.” Peelander Yellow provides humorous dialogue in the middle of “P-Zombie-Z” in between the chorus lines of “bi-bi-bite you.”


With P-Pop-High School, Peelander-Z continues to follow the spirit of punk with its simple formula of rocking hard and having fun to a simple message. It's mindless, entertaining music.



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