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Reunited and it sounds so good

Childhood acquaintances explore subject of love in 'Teardrop Sweethearts'


(Photo by Joe Nguyen) 2006 singles A champion Alex Le watches his shot in the second round against Uuganbayar Sarantuya, Sept. 1 at the Arvada Tennis Center. Le won the match, 9-6.


Teardrop Sweetheart

(Tomlab, 2007)

Three and a half out of four stars

Some people are just meant to be together.


Misha's John Chao and Ashley Yao grew up knowing each other in Taipei, Taiwan before events moved them around the world, according to their record label's website. But after college, they found each other again in New York, began dating and made beautiful music together.


Perhaps that’s why the duo's LP, Teardrop Sweetheart, is a collection of lighthearted love songs that elicit a spectrum of emotions. The group’s unique blend of mellow melodies and charming lyrics carry listeners through the ups and downs of a love.


The album opens with “Scars,” which features Chao's subdued vocals accompanied by steady claps and a simple bassline. Piano lines, horns and bright bell strikes are layered to create a rich sound.


The best song on the album is “Summersend,” a throwback to the 80s new-wave sound. Layered guitar riffs set the melody while the rhythmic bassline plays. Yao's vocals run parallel to Chao's lyrics, producing aurally pleasing harmonies as the muddled lyrics lend richness to the airy sound.


“Delovedly” opens with a bright music box melody, rattling clicks and a muffled drum bass before Chao's voice enters. Rich, high-pitched strings accompany Yao's voice. The electric piano and the bassline become more prominent as a steady hi-hat rhythm begin, giving the song a lounge-esque sound.


Love is a fickle subject that has been trotted on by everyone in every genre. What sets Teardrop Sweetheart apart is Misha’s avoidance of a cookie-cutter sound. Rather, they tackle the theme while producing sounds that are solely their own.


For more information about Misha, visit their MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/Mishatheband.


Joe Nguyen is the editor in chief for AsiaXpress.com. Joe can be reached at joe@asiaxpress.com.

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